If you’ve always wanted to see your home featured in a magazine, the first step is to send us a few images of key rooms including the kitchen, bathroom, main living spaces and at least two bedrooms. We don’t expect professional photography, as this is just to give us a flavour of your home. If we feel the interior has potential for a magazine shoot, we’ll approach the magazines we think your home would be best suited to – showing them the recce pictures so they can get a feel for your interiors style. Fingers crossed we’ll get a ‘yes please’ from a commissioning editor and then we can arrange the photoshoot.

Send your photos to:


How it works...

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The Interview...

Features writer Karen Wilson will interview you about the work you’ve done to the property and how you’ve put the look together. Some magazines require a rough breakdown of costs – ie. how much you paid for the house, roughly how much you’ve spent and what it’s worth now – but this isn’t always necessary. It’s always useful if you can have to hand names of paint colours and where key pieces of furniture, artwork and accessories are from, so we can include this info in the captions, but don’t worry if you can’t remember everything! You would always get the chance to read the wording before publication so you’re 100% happy with the article.

Shooting on spec...

Alternatively, if we are confident a magazine will be interested, we sometimes shoot homes ‘on spec’. This means we would approach the magazines after we’ve got the finished photographs and pitch the feature to them at that point.

The Photoshoot...

The photoshoot normally takes a full day. Although the main focus is on the interior, usually we would need a few shots which include the homeowners too, normally in the main living room and kitchen. We usually bring a few extra accessories to style the shots such as cushions, flowers and food where needed, but we always make sure it suits the personal style of the homeowner and is in keeping with the home.

What to wear...

It’s best not to be dressed head to toe in black, as it really doesn’t come across very well in interiors photos. Instead try and pick something casual in light or bright colours teamed with flat shoes. You don’t need to ‘match’ your living room, but if you have something that would work well – for instance a retro looking outfit in a retro room – all the better! If we know which issue it’s for, we might ask you to dress for the season, but if we’re shooting ‘on spec’ it’s best to wear something seasonally neutral ie. not too wintery and not too summery so the feature could be used at any time of year.

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